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NutraHerbal works towards enhancing the overall health by using the natural herbs and remedies. Hence, NutraHerbal presents to you the healthiest way to live a better and longer life.

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Every product we carry is made of 100% premium, safe and all natural ingredients and provides maximum results.

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All our products are proudly made in India and in an FSSAI Registered & GMP approved facilities.

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Yes! We offer cash on delivery for your convenience and security and free shipping all over India.

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5X Power Gold

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Anti Addiction Drop

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Ashwagandha powder

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Fat Burner Capsule

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Nutra24 Superfood

Nutra24 Superfoods is a unique proven formula, combining 24 superfoods that are time tested, with a proven track record of delivering great health benefits.


Greens, Veggies, Fruits, and Herbs filled with Amino acids, Vitamins, and Minerals


Plastic Bottle


Three Years


60 Capsules

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NutraHerbal Garcinia Cambogia

NutraHerbal Premium Garcinia Cambogia 500 MG with Keratin, Amino Acids & Multivitamins





NutraHerbal Real Grow Hair Oil

NutraHerbal Real Grow Hair Oil is one of the best formulated ayurvedic hair oil in India. The powerful blend of 76 rare herbs including Bringha, Amla, Aloevera, Tulsi

Promotes Hair Growth

The Ayurvedic formulation rejuvenates hair and repairs root damage while reducing hair fall and stimulating growth.

Prevents Graying Of Hair

The oil prevents premature graying and dullness. Amla is rich in Vitamin C, which helps in stimulating melanin production; thus, restoring the natural color.

Strengthens Hair Follicles

A good massage with our BhringAmla Hair Oil provides essential nutrients and antioxidants to the roots. It boosts blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles.

Reduces Dandruff & Dry Scalp

The soothing formula hydrates and replenishes dry scalp. It has antimicrobial properties that clear dandruff.

How to Use

Step 1 : Part your hair in two halves and apply the oil directly to the scalp. Leave it overnight or for a few hours.

Step 2 : Wash off with Any mild Shampoo and see the result

Who can Use

Men and women of age 15 years and above.

The hair oil is suitable for all hair types.



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This could include nutritional supplements, herbal products, or other health-related items. The emphasis on export quality suggests that the products undergo stringent quality control processes to meet international standards, ensuring that they are safe and effective.


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 This reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality of the products offered. It provides customers with peace of mind, knowing they can return items hassle-free.


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Nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, or other health-related items. The extensive selection provides customers with choices across different categories, allowing them to find products that align with their health and wellness goals.

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